computer-typing-588x390In the computer room you have access to five state of the art computers, broadband and a laser printer. The room is upstairs but there is access to it by a lift. We have a photography studio room where we can practice interview techniques and produce video profiles, and an office with a comfy sofa where you can have a confidential chat with someone over a cup of coffee or a cup of tea in privacy.

_70979508_cv160828761Here at the work club we have people who can help you fill out application forms, create a CV or update the one you have at the moment. We can then help you to create a PDF of it to go online or you can print some copies off to take to potential employers.

interview2Whatever your experience of interviews it is always a good idea to practice your interview techniques. Here at the Workclub we can help you go through what you might say for a particular job interview and constructively analyse how you presented yourself in front of us as the interviewer.

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